Trudeau Uses Subterfuge To Ban Natural Health Products

Many Canadians do not trust politicians . . . no matter which party they represent. This is the tragic result of political leaders promising one thing and doing another. Or using their power to manipulate the masses. Or blaming others for their mistakes. Or spending the hard-earned tax dollars extracted from the working class to feather their nest and reward their loyal supporters.

All those are good reasons for Canadians to think twice before voting and especially to think twice before supporting any politician based on their promises.

One of the ways our current Prime Minister has deceived Canadians and earned their disgust is by the use of “omnibus bills” to pass unpopular legislation. It was Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s use of an omnibus bill in 1969 that legalized abortion and homosexuality. And that is how his son, Justin Trudeau, has just passed legislation intended to eliminate our access to natural food supplements by hiding changes to the law deep within the Liberals’ Budget Implementation Bill, Bill C-47.

“Omni” means “all.” A grizzly bear is an omnivore. That means, he eats everything. An omnibus bill incorporates a number of unrelated measures and hides some very unpleasant or unpopular clauses in a single bill that has enough appetizing sections that it is expected to pass. Bill C-47 has sections dealing with Canada’s new dental plan, immigration, banking, greenhouse gases, air travellers’ rights, income taxes and . . . new government restrictions on natural health supplements. Every budget bill is considered a confidence motion and is expected to pass by the government presenting it. If the ruling party presents a budget that is rejected by a majority of MPs, it would have the same effect as a motion of non-confidence and would result in the dissolution of Parliament and a general election to replace the government.

For that reason, members of the ruling party are expected to blindly support a budget presented by their own government. In today’s Canada, the Prime Minister basically expects every NDP MP to also support his budget. And so they did.

Those MPs may not have read sections 500 to 504 in Bill C-47 in which the PM and his Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, have given clues that the current exemptions that allow natural health products to be treated differently than pharmaceutical drugs may be removed at any time by an Order in Council. When this happens, new Health Canada regulations will apply such stringent rules for vitamins and supplements that—unless they are rescinded—no health food store or natural product supplier will be able to survive. But whether they read those clauses or not (or understood them, because they were far from clear), the Liberal and NDP MPs have unanimously signed into law a program designed to replace natural health products with pharmaceutical products, giving even more power and wealth to the giant pharmaceutical companies that have been dominating Canada’s healthcare decision-making for the past three years.

One aspect of this oppressive legislation and the Health Canada regulations it will enable is that it treats common natural supplements—plant-based, organic and used in traditional healing for centuries—as equivalent to man-made chemical concoctions that have been designed in a laboratory, manufactured in a factory and patented to generate maximum profits for huge multinational corporations.

This bill also places on every supplier of traditional natural supplements the responsibility of conducting expensive tests on simple herbs to determine safety and efficacy. This testing alone can sometimes cost a billion dollars, something no health food store or natural product supplier can afford. Health Canada also seeks to impose heavy fines ($5 million per day) on companies that fail to comply. It’s especially onerous when compared with the minimal safety testing done on the MRNA vaccines so recently and so glibly pushed out on Canadians . . . injections that were mandated by the government with NO liability for the developers, producers and proponents.

The pharmaceutical companies raked in their huge profits these past three years because they were able to patent their vaccines. With a patent, a single corporation can control access to medications and raise prices without competition. How can you patent white willow bark or ginseng or aloe vera? No doubt the giant corporations will try, if they can first eliminate the health supplement industry, the small-town health food stores and the backyard cultivators of organic herbs.

It’s no secret that large companies lobby government to protect their profits and to rubber-stamp their monopolies. The fact that some politicians personally benefit from the market dominance of certain industry players is also well known. But when crass politicians play with the lives and health of Canadian citizens by promoting their business friends and trampling on honest entrepreneurs . . . when they take away (once again) the right of Canadians to make their own health care choices by eliminating safe natural products that many Canadians depend on, this is a level of behaviour that has no place in the Canadian Parliament.

Canadians have been fooled and misled too many times by a corrupt Prime Minister who claims to want what’s best for Canadians but who has proven time and again that he is only serving his own interests. The fact that his own Liberal MPs and their NDP colleagues, support his outrageous acts is reprehensible. They crow about the dental plan they negotiated; but will people really appreciate their teeth when they can’t afford the food to chew with them?

There are many things wrong with our current PM and his coalition government. But the outlawing—by subterfuge—of natural health supplements is an outrage NO Canadian should accept. Shawn Buckley is a prominent constitutional lawyer leading the charge to repeal sections 500 to 504 of Bill C-47 and to fight Health Canada’s proposed new regulations. You can listen to his explanation and arguments here or read his very informative Discussion Paper here (PDF). We must stop the pillaging of our freedoms by the pirates in Ottawa. With enough public pressure, the government may reluctantly relent. They must not win by default. CHP Canada upholds the right of Canadians to choose natural health products and to determine their own medical choices.

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