The Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia

Our memorandum of agreement calls for all memberships to be dual, meaning that when a resident of British Columbia joins the Christian Heritage Party, he or she automatically becomes a member of both the Federal and Provincial Parties by paying a single membership fee, unless they choose not to belong to both.

We have adopted a new Logo, displayed above, to help the citizens of British Columbia to recognize us as a part of the great team of dedicated individuals from right across this country who are fighting to restore and preserve that great Canadian Heritage to the Federal level of government – the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

With the ten-fold increase in our membership, we now have an army of volunteers that can work with us to help build the Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia into a force to be reckoned with in BC provincial politics. If you would like to join that army and help our great province of British Columbia to restore and preserve the great Judea-Christian Heritage that all Canadians have shared since our Country was founded, you need to purchase a membership and volunteer now.

If you value and want to preserve the Heritage that made Canada great, join us now and help us to restore and preserve that Heritage. Click on the button labeled ‘Join Now’ and complete an application form. We will be glad to process your application and welcome you in to our Party.

Together, we will build a better future by keeping the best from our past and adding the experience of the present. Join us now to help build a better future for British Columbia.

Richest Blessings
Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia

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