SOGI’s Cruel ‘Compassion’

SOGI claims to be acting out of compassion, but it actually turns out to be cruelty.

It’s first important to clarify a bit of Greek: euphoria means “feeling good”; dysphoria means “feeling bad”. SOGI makes frequent references to ‘gender dysphoria’, which means feeling bad about one’s gender. SOGI also claims that ‘gender’ is only “a social construct”.

But a science journal, Brain Structure and Function, recently published findings from a study that shows clear physical sex differences in the brains of one-month-old babies.

Clearly, therefore, gender cannot be a “social construct”! One-month-old babies haven’t had time to be ‘socialized’ into their gender differences. Gender is innate. It’s part of the DNA in the nucleus of every one of the 30 trillion cells in the human body—and it cannot be changed.

Further, the number of children suffering with Gender Dysphoria was estimated a year ago at only 0.3 percent; today it’s set at 0.6 percent, with the doubling attributed to all the media publicity (and classroom lessons at school!) about ‘transgenderism’: children who feel they lack attention now understand they can get favourable notice by claiming to have been ‘born into the wrong body.’

It’s become a fad.

Still, we must acknowledge that those few children—about six out of every thousand, or a total of about 90 kids in all of Canada—need care, comfort and compassion; but will they get it from SOGI?


We know from decades of medical records that 86 percent of children who claim Gender Dysphoria will adjust normally to their birth gender by the time they’ve passed through puberty. But to affirm the very few children with Gender Dysphoria in their delusion will deny them that successful transition.

And that’s child abuse! That’s not my opinion; it’s the official position of the American College of Pediatrics.

Furthermore, many of those children will now be treated with puberty blockers (which will stunt their growth) and/or cross-sex hormones (which will render them sterile for life). Some will even have surgery to remove perfectly healthy body parts!

All that is child abuse!

And little or no notice is being taken by the media (or the SOGI ‘enforcers’ appointed by the BCTF) of the growing number of ‘transsexuals’ who have later expressed an ardent desire to return to their birth gender.

But there’s still another form of child abuse involved in SOGI: the 99.4 percent of children who don’t suffer from Gender Dysphoria are being fed lies about gender—that it’s ‘not binary’ (it is); that it is ‘fluid’ (but only in one direction, according to the LGBTQ2S++ sex activists)—in order to indoctrinate them with positive attitudes towards transgenders, so they won’t tease or bully them.

There is, of course, a way to protect both the 0.6 percent and the 99.4 percent: simply teach all children to be kind and thoughtful to everybody else: to “love your neighbor as yourself” and to even “love your enemies.”

Simply incorporating good manners and biblical ethics into basic education would achieve all the stated goals of the SOGI campaign—without all the harmful effects.

Opponents of SOGI—at least, those of us who advocate kindness to all—are called ‘haters’ and ‘bigots’ (and many far worse things) by the advocates of SOGI.

So tell me: who are the real haters?

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