Rod Taylor

Rod Taylor

Rod Taylor

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Rod Taylor is the National Leader of CHP Canada. He was exposed to political activism at a young age, as his father was active in the civil rights movement, marching with Dr. Martin Luther King, in the fight for equal treatment for all.

Today, Rod is active in Canada’s pro-life movement, fighting for the protection of innocent human life, the restoration of traditional marriage and family, and the defence of personal freedom. Hence, the slogan he and the CHP have adopted: Life! Family! and Freedom!

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Rod married Elaine in 1974. They have two children and four grandchildren. He has worked with his hands most of his life, primarily in the lumber industry, but also on farms and in other industries.

He spent six years working on the railroad in Alberta. In Smithers, BC, he graded lumber and supervised quality control, while Elaine operated a Christian bookstore for 24 years.

Rod has been a first-aid attendant, a union shop steward, a chairman of workplace safety committees, a department supervisor, a director of the Bulkley Valley District Hospital, a director of the Smithers Prolife Society and Chairman of the Bulkley Valley Christian Literature Society.

Rod and Elaine have been members of CHP Canada since its founding convention.

In 2013, Rod became Interim Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of BC, and in November 2014, he was elected as National Leader of CHP Canada.

Rod has been active in both provincial and federal politics, running three times in provincial elections and eight times federally. He and Elaine helped start the BC Unity Party, and he later oversaw the formation of CHP-BC, the first provincial wing of the Christian Heritage Party.

Rod served as CHP’s Deputy Leader from 2008 until 2014, and several years as National Development Director. In 2015, he contested the federal riding of Ottawa-West Nepean.

In 2016 he ran as a candidate in the federal by-election in Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner (Alberta). In 2017, he contested the by-election in South Surrey-White Rock. Although not yet elected to Parliament or to the BC Legislature, he continues to offer voters an opportunity to choose the CHP’s moral, biblical principles over deteriorating and failed secular approaches.

Rod ran as a candidate for MLA in Stikine, in Northwestern BC, in the recent BC pr0vincial election.

Rod is committed to the growth and development of CHP Canada and CHP British Columbia. His focus is to see our membership expand, and to equip our members with the tools they need to effectively organize in every province and electoral district of Canada.

Rod believes the Christian Heritage Party, both federally and provincially, has a role to play in raising the standards of righteousness and morality in Canada.

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