Restoring BC’s Broken Healthcare System in 2023

The truth is out; BC’s healthcare system is collapsing under the weight of top-down government mishandling of the COVID crisis. The ego-driven personalities behind the firing of unvaccinated doctors and nurses just can’t admit they were wrong. In spite of emergency rooms being closed across the province, and disgraceful line-ups for critical surgeries and other lifesaving care, Health Minister Adrian Dix, Public Health Officer Bonnie Henry and Premier David Eby seem more intent on punishing those who questioned their policies, than on making sure the citizens of BC have access to qualified, experienced, professional medical care.

BC had shortages of healthcare staff for years before covid. But it was the firing of unvaccinated BC government workers, including doctors and nurses, that pushed BC’s healthcare system to the brink. BC is finally hiring back other government workers… all except the ones we need MOST: healthcare workers!

The NDP claims to be for the little guy . . . but they kill babies, push euthanasia instead of palliative care, and they’d rather try to hire foreign workers than bring back the professional BC caregivers that they fired without pay! It’s time to repent and rehire!

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