Party Leader

Meet Rod Taylor

Personal Details

 Born: July 20, 1951
✓ Married to Elaine: 43 years
✓ 2 Children
✓ 4 Grandchildren
✓ Loves gardening, woodworking, history, poetry, music and art
 Committed to the restoration of family values and respect for life in Canada’s political environment. A lover of truth, justice and mercy.
✓ Resides in Telkwa, BC – “Where the Rivers Meet”

Work Experience

✓ 3 years as National Leader of CHP Canada
 5 years as Development Officer with CHP Canada
✓ 25 years in the lumber industry, primarily lumber grading and quality control. Served as leadhand, supervisor, safety committee chair, union rep.
✓ 6 years track maintenance for CN Rail in Alberta
 Several years working on farms, horse logging, log building, gas plant maintenance, tree planting and assorted other job experiences

Political Experience

 Deputy Leader of CHP Canada from 2008 to 2014
✓ Candidate for BC Unity in 2001
✓ Candidate for CHP Canada in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2015
✓ Candidate in 2016 by-elections, Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner
 Past President of the BC Council of CHP Canada
 Candidate for CHP-BC in 2013
✓ Became Interim Leader of CHP-BC in 2013
✓ Elected National Leader of CHP Canada in 2014
✓ Candidate in the 2017 BC Election in Stikine