“On July 25, 2016 the BC Legislature voted UNANIMOUSLY to add ‘Gender expression and identity’ to the BC Human Rights Code … “

As can be seen from the above, the cultural battlefront extends across Canada. Decisions are being made every day which are affecting our lives and will affect our children’s lives even more. That’s how important it is that we bring Christian cultural values to Victoria as well as to Ottawa. Even the freedom to speak the truth, to preach and to educate our own children is under direct attack.

Over recent years I have been so impressed by the work being done by ARPA, Real Women, CCBR, CLC, EFC, EPC, Canada Family Action, 4MyCanada and many other to shift the culture, to educate politicians at all levels and to inform Canadians-especially Christians-of the imminent threats to their freedoms and the urgency of using our God-given opportunities to impact public policy in defence of life, family, freedom and biblical values.

Most of you reading this are aware of the work of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada and some of you are already members. We are grateful to have all of you as allies in the trenches in the “culture wars”, whether in the CHP or not. Some of you may also know that BC is the first province to have a provincial wing: the Christian Heritage Party of BC. In 2013, CHP-BC ran two candidates in the provincial election. At that time I became the Interim Leader of CHP-BC, a position I still hold, although most of my time and energy is now devoted to federal politics. I know that CHP-BC deserves to have a Leader dedicated to provincial matters, especially in the lead-up to the 2017 BC provincial election but until that person is found, I will continue, if necessary to lead CHP-BC right through Election 2017.

My request to all of you readers is to consider among yourselves if some of you might be willing to serve as BC candidates in 2017. Obviously, the continual slide away from biblical standards and moral traditions requires a response of courage, conviction and sacrifice. Some of you are young-students or young parents starting out, beginning careers and with responsible roles in your churches-in addition to your noble and worthwhile involvements in social activism and advocacy. I recognize how busy you already are. Still, you are some of the brightest, most articulate members of the Christian community and I would love to see some of you “standing in the gap” as candidates. You already have a good grasp of the issues. You’ve already “counted the cost” and have made the decision to serve your nation and your King by representing biblical values in creative impactful ways.

I urge you to consider making a very special sacrifice in the next BC provincial election. Candidacy-or volunteer work in a campaign-is a big commitment but it doesn’t last forever. There’s a beginning and an ending. If, by God’s grace and sovereign design, you would be elected, your life would be turned upside down and you’d have to be ready for that. Think what a difference you could make in Victoria! If you are not elected, you would at least have had a golden opportunity to present godly values to the voters and citizens of British Columbia. For many young people, the presentation of a pro-life perspective during a campaign is the only exposure they have ever had to a Christian worldview.

Although I am engaged full-time on the federal stage, I know that provincial issues are just as important as federal; health, education and welfare are critical areas of provincial jurisdiction. What about abortion funding? What about freedom of information and access to abortion statistics? What about education and curriculum choices being made for the children of this province? What about the restrictions on free speech which will no doubt follow in the wake of the recent changes to the BC Human Rights Code? We need to offer the voters of BC a viable alternative at the polls. Our society may be gasping its last breath but it mustn’t perish from our neglect. We must at least blow the trumpet. Your words at a debate or in a newspaper interview might change a life or save a life. Might change a mind. Might change a nation.

We need passionate citizens at every level of government (federal, provincial and municipal) of high moral character who will stand up for the vulnerable-the preborn, the elderly and the disabled-and will work to restore justice and freedom in BC. Experience-or lack it-should not be an impediment to serving in the political realm. We are ready to work with you and help you to represent biblical values in the public square in 2017. You already have many of the tools you need and so much more than many of the confused young people graduating from Canadian public schools and post-secondary institutions.

Right now, we are seeking to improve our CHP-BC website and to prepare promotional materials for our candidates in 2017. We want to provide quality training for both candidates and campaign teams. There has never been a greater need for a committed family-values provincial party in BC. British Columbia, like most Canadian provinces, has continued to follow the path of least resistance, the slippery slope away from traditional God-given standards for marriage, life and freedom. We want to offer an alternative vision for BC and we invite you to help in any way you can. Because of my federal responsibilities, I would like to see another candidate come forward for my home riding of Bulkley Valley-Stikine. Our current NDP MLA, Doug Donaldson, is a good man and works hard but his views and those of his party are not consistent with ours on social issues. Is there one among you who would be willing to carry the banner for life and family in 2017? You are some of the best and the brightest in the pro-life movement and a fresh face and a fresh voice in Bulkley Valley-Stikine could make a big impact. BC has 85 MLAs; CHP-BC hopes to present candidates in as many districts as we can-with your help! Thank you for your faithfulness!

Rod Taylor, Interim Leader, CHP-BC

Some ways you can help CHP-BC to present BC voters with a biblical perspective:

  1. Pray for the board and interim leader as we prepare for Election 2017.
  2. Volunteer as a candidate or suggest a good candidate for your area.
  3. During the election, we will need people to put up signs and make phone calls but our biggest need right now is for candidates and finances so we can promote the party.
  4. Did I mention financial help? If you pay BC taxes your donation to CHP-BC qualifies for an exemption on your BC taxes, similar to the federal exemption for donations to a federal party. (75% non-refundable tax credit on any amount up to $400). Donations can be made online at Donation Page
  5. Unlike Elections Canada, Elections BC still allows corporate donations. Your business can also contribute to the Christian Heritage Party of BC.

For more info, or to offer yourself as a candidate or volunteer, please contact me at:
leader@chp.ca ph: 250-877-8426

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