Lynn Simcox

Lynn Simcox

Lynn Simcox

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I have a fond 25-year association with Abbotsford through visits to my Mom who moved here in the late 1980s. I decided this was where I wanted to live when I retired.

After electronics college, I worked four years as a Carman for the CPR before joining Manitoba Telecom. Ten years as a Central Office man maintaining toll switching systems led to twenty two years as a Traffic Engineering Associate. Technology change was constant and attention to detail paramount. Along the way I earned a Certificate in Management (CIM) at the U of M and took numerous CMA accounting courses. I retired in 2005 and bought a home in Abbotsford in 2010.

I am active in community service as a volunteer Traffic Control Person for the City of Abbotsford and in trash collection on the grounds of all the public buildings in the Abbotsford City Hall vicinity. I enjoy hiking, bicycling, motorcycling and plan to take up sports shooting again.

While I donate to numerous charities and my Church, I also support several other important non-tax-deductible organizations: I deplore waste of public money at all levels of government so I support the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. I believe in the right to life from conception to natural death so I support the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform. In my opinion the main stream media whitewashes and slants the news so I support the Rebel Media and I believe in the proportional representation voting system so I also support Fair Vote Canada.

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