Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Seeks Leadership of CHP-BC

Laura-Lynn Tyler ThompsonWell-known advocate for common-sense social conservatism—Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson—has put her name in the ring to be elected as the next Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of BC (CHP-BC).

Current interim Leader, Rod Taylor (who also heads the national party, CHP Canada), expressed his confidence that Ms. Thompson is “more than capable” of leading CHP-BC into the next provincial election.

“Laura-Lynn is experienced as a candidate, she is a great communicator, she shares our values, and she is a bold and courageous defender of the faith. I am very pleased that she is taking this exciting step.

“She brings to the position her passion, wisdom and experience. I know she will present BC voters with a real choice. All British Columbians who value human life, who understand the importance of the nuclear family, and who care for freedom and fiscal responsibility, will want to take a good hard look at the policies of CHP-BC, and the type of committed leadership Laura-Lynn will bring, if she is elected in September.”

The party will be holding its Annual General Meeting in Abbotsford on September 12. Nominations are open for the position of Leader. There could be other applicants. Laura-Lynn is the only contestant, so far, to formally declare her candidacy.

In taking this step, Ms. Thompson had this to say: “We are living in a season where speaking the truth has become an act of courage. May we find the path to declare our convictions without apology and to boldly live out our principles in freedom.”

The Christian Heritage Party of BC is pro-life, supports traditional marriage, parental rights, school choice, balanced budgets, lower taxes and limited government.

Rod Taylor will continue in his primary role as National Leader of CHP Canada but promises to continue to support the provincial wing of the CHP and its new Leader. “We’re working for the same goals and the same values. Both Ottawa and Victoria need to be reminded of Canada’s foundational Christian heritage. We will press forward together to give voters the opportunity to support Life! Family! and Freedom!”

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