How The Left-Wing Political Movement Is Destroying Canada As We Know It

Who would want to destroy a free country like Canada? The truth is the attacks on our western civilization are coming at us from many directions. I lay some responsibility on the UN, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF) and other socialist-leaning organizations. Why are they seeking to undermine our democratic institutions? What are they trying to achieve? How about a one-world government? Would that be so bad? Yes, it would be. Hitler tried it. So did Stalin. Now it’s Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and a host of their lackeys and fellow-travelers.

The pieces of this puzzle are beginning to paint a morbid picture. Sadly, a majority of Canadians are still believing the lies being promulgated by national leaders and their provincial counterparts, who are exercising their power grabs through the edicts of their appointed public health officers. The foolish policies enacted over recent years may not all have been a manifestation of incompetence; sometimes it has all the earmarks of a planned operation to undermine the governments of sovereign nations.

People like Klaus Schwab and his cabal of WEF elitists seem intent on disrupting our economy and social institutions. How? By orchestrating destruction from within.

Although taking over a country by undermining its morals takes longer than a military coup and requires more patience and planning, the damage done is just as effective.

In any country, there are but a few key areas that determine how its citizens live and maintain their beliefs.  These are the focal points that are under attack. In his book, On War, Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) referred to this concept of identifying and focusing on select points as attacking the center of gravity. The center of gravity being attacked in Canada is our Judeo-Christianity ideology. To advance the goals of the globalists, the Christian church in Canada has been singled out as a primary target. Since the onset of COVID lockdowns and mandates, peace-loving pastors have been fined and locked up; worshippers and churches have faced huge fines and Truckers Freedom Convoy participants have been jailed and had their bank accounts seized. What’s with that?

The center of gravity is that part of the culture, that if controlled or destroyed, would render resistance to cultural collapse nearly impossible.  When taking control of a country from within, the objective is to control the thinking of the inhabitants. If you can shape the minds of citizens, you can control their actions and ultimately the policies of their government.

The center of gravity affects the collective perception of truth, the worldviews of future generations, the political philosophy that dictates action, the normal sense of patriotic national pride and of course, the economy.

To shape perceived truth, control the media: As we know, here in Canada, the Liberal left wing has bought the media and guaranteed its support of their leftist policies. Actually, the media buyout in Canada was just another way to blow away millions and further erode the country’s economy. Many people absorb what they know about life around them from the major media centers. The media paints the picture they want you to see.  If that picture is constantly distorted, lies become accepted as truth; i.e. tell lies repeatedly and soon those lies are accepted as fact. Goebbels used that concept very effectively during the Nazi era.  Spin and concoct, distort and influence using the public platforms such as television, radio and print and you can influence and control the minds of the vast majority of the population in any area you choose.  This subversive influence includes pitting one group against another in order to foment internal discord. We’re seeing evidence of this in Canada and the US with the labelling and separation of the jabbed and unjabbed. This dehumanizing of a whole segment of society undermines our core moral principles and national values; it destroys the concept of a shared spiritual foundation or common allegiance to a unique national culture.

To shape future generations, control the schools: Rather than educating children with basic academic skills and supporting the traditional principles of their parents’ generation, the strategy of current Canadian governments (federal and provincial) is to incrementally indoctrinate them with the opinions and memes that are sympathetic to a socialistic, hedonistic, secular philosophy.  This can only weaken future generations in mind, body and spirit.  Public schools today seem to avoid teaching children the basic facts about their own history, constitution or actual human rights. Instead, there is no end to the talk about imagined ‘rights’, like access to abortion or the ‘right’ to manufacture your own pronouns and identity.  Students are taught that self-defence is wrong and docile submission to prevailing cultural norms is right.  They are taught that the moral principles of Christianity must be rejected in the name of freedom. They are taught to cast off old values and traditions in the interest of ‘sensitivity’—after all, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone with ‘old fashioned’ beliefs would we? And they are taught that guns are wicked, dangerous, and socially unacceptable—an evil that must be eradicated from society. The conclusion presented is that only the government can be trusted to safely and properly use guns.

To shape political philosophy, infiltrate the government:  The Left has managed—with government funding and media support—to place into office at all levels politicians sympathetic to their philosophy and worldview; these folks— elected or appointed within the bureaucracy—are then able to implement the socialist policies of their backers while building a loyal voters’ bloc to keep them in office. They maintain that loyalty by promising solutions, handouts and benefits for all.  With this loyal base of voters who expect to benefit from such policies, they pass legislation that incrementally increases dependency on government; bit by bit, their government then gains power and control over the people, whether they voted for them or not! Such a government can then pack the courts with judges who will not hold them accountable to the law or the constitution but since they are ’judges’, the public assumes they are independent thinkers.

This removes the pesky checks and balances of our so-called democratic form of representative government. Once elected to office, politicians seem to feel they can act with virtual impunity, because their appointees do not have the will or the courage to hold them within their constitutional limits.

To shape the sense of nationalism, dilute the culture and the language:  A strong society has at its foundation a unique culture and a common language. Simply put, it is the culture, beliefs and language which ultimately define and unite a nation. By manipulating these critical elements through legislative action and social pressure, an incoherent multi-culturalism develops that hinders a shared and healthy national patriotism. By orchestrating a ‘mosaic’ society that divides citizens by cultural background, rather than promoting a ‘woven fabric’ that unites all citizens with shared goals and values, eventually you will destroy the very society you claim to be protecting.

To shape the economy, spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax:  A country with a strong economy is financially independent and its people unlikely to look to the government for all their needs.  If free people don’t have to depend on their government for everything, that government has limited sway over them.  By legislating large sums from the public treasury, you accomplish two important goals:  First, you turn sovereign and productive citizens into dependants and weaken private businesses that then become subject to conditions, rules and regulations.  Second, the country is forced into unsustainable debt, reducing the value of its currency and undermining its economy. Winston Churchill once said that to try and tax a country out of debt is like standing in a pail and trying to lift yourself up by the handle. A continuous cycle of ‘tax-and-spend’ brings the people to the point of serfdom and their economic structures to the point of collapse. Over time, financial manipulators can bring down even the most powerful nation, using its own trusting citizens to orchestrate its destruction.

The irony is that in just a few generations, the indoctrinated masses can be convinced that this trail which has been shaped for them is truly the enlightened path for mankind and they will look forward to the trip!  Power-hungry politicians and media moguls can thus take control of the only group that could legitimately stop them—the people! The next step for them is to simply eradicate any dissidents and the country is theirs to do with as they please. In this way, Canada could—in a very short period of time—be turned into a third-rate country, financially broken and with a dictator at the helm, no longer disguising his motives but exercising his power with arrogant disdain and self-satisfaction.

I first wrote this article back in mid-February 2021, and really was not aware of how twisted our present governments had already become. I think it is self-evident now, for any thinking person, that our present governments (at all levels) and their minions have already adopted most—if not all—of the tactics mentioned above.

After analyzing and describing the damage being done to our society and the methods being employed to bring our nation to its knees, I want to offer a solution for you to consider. I believe there is only one political party willing to stand against abortion, euthanasia, poor money management and the destruction of the family unit. On the national stage, the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP Canada) and provincially, the Christian Heritage Party of BC (CHP-BC) will stand against this socialist, secularist takeover of our beautiful country and province. We recognize that the key elements of a successful, prosperous and civilized society are the biblical moral values to which our founding fathers adhered. Voting for another party is a vote for the destruction of Canada through moral compromise and political correctness. We invite you to join us and help us turn the tide. Our country and our province need you!


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