False Flags and Ferry Fiascoes

Flags mean something and those who fly them ought to know what they mean. Flags flown in battle identify the nations involved, indicate the location of the battlefront and rally the troops to follow the flag bearer into action. As long as the flag flies, there is ground being taken and held. The July 3 Facebook announcement that BC Ferries will be flying the LGBT “Pride” flag on all BC ferries in support of Pride Parades and other LGBT-agenda events around BC came as a shock to many of us who assumed that BC Ferries was a non-political business devoted to meeting the transportation needs of ALL BC coastal
residents and tourists.

For BC Ferries to hoist the diminished 6-coloured “rainbow” flag (indigo is missing from the “Pride” flag symbol and there are debates about whether or not it should have been included in Isaac Newton’s original 7-colour spectrum) is a shocking display of political bullying and an insult to the taxpayers of BC and the paying passengers who keep BC Ferries afloat. For most residents of the BC coast who depend on BC Ferries for transportation to or from their home communities, the ferries are the only reasonable and affordable (take that word with a grain of salt) means of access. To insult them by forcing them to sail
under the colours of a political agenda with which they may disagree is bullying in the extreme.

The principle of fairness in a society with a “spectrum” of political views is that in public buildings and all spaces intended for public use or dependent in any way on public funds or subject to public governance, ideological, political and divisive symbols either are excluded entirely (the simplest solution) or—if allowed—are open on an equal basis to all points of view. Kind of like . . . “inclusive”, a word we hear regularly misused. BC Ferries therefore, should immediately remove these offensive political symbols or invite every other group with a different position on social issues to have equal time flying their flags in the salty breezes of the BC coasts.

There are many things wrong with the decision to put LGBT interests ahead of the interests of all British Columbians and of others who use the ferries. First, because the LGBT movement is heartily embraced by the current NDP government and the party (parties if you include the dealmaker Greens) at the helm.

Since the socialist government of BC actually has responsibility for BC Ferries through the BC Ferries Authority, flying these flags is a shameful display of partisan arrogance and rudeness. It is a declaration of wished-for absolute authority, ignoring Canada’s Charter, which recognizes the “supremacy of God” not the “supremacy of the LGBT agenda”.

The other thing wrong with the decision to endorse and embrace this symbol of sexual rebellion is that it ignores the biblical, historical meaning of the real rainbow, (you know the beautiful rainbow that appears in the sky under the perfect conditions?). The first rainbow followed the flood of Noah’s day. The flood was God’s judgment on the wickedness of mankind and the rainbow was His promise never again to destroy the world with water. However, He will not forever tolerate sin, corruption and rebellion. There will be judgment, but not by a flood. It’s a great mistake to put one’s support behind a rebellion against God.

Volume 25, Issue 28 July 10, 2018

This is not the first time BC ferries have been involved in a scandal. In the 90’s, then-Premier Glen Clarke, (also an NDPer by a strange coincidence) purchased the ill-fated “Fast Ferries”, creating the “Fast Ferries Fiasco”. They were grossly over-budget, over-rated, under-speed and ended up being sold at a huge loss.

The implications of this latest political move may have even more dire consequences.

The true rainbow spectrum comes from the refracting of many colours out of white light. When any government institution hoists the rainbow flag, they are really hoisting a white flag of surrender to the destructive demands of the LGBT activists. The current BC Government must take steps to eliminate this divisive and insulting move by BC Ferries. It is unacceptable to have ferry passengers held hostage to the unsavoury political propaganda of BC Ferries and the provincial government’s partisan agenda.

Culture Guard spokesperson, Kari Simpson has written a public letter to BC Ferries Public Affairs Director Deborah Marshall (PDF).

1. To add your voice and to call for the removal of all Pride Flags from all BC Ferries, contact BC Ferries Public Affairs Director Deborah Marshall at 250-978-1267 or email her at deborah.marshall@bcferries.com. If you’re not already a member of CHP Canada, please join us

2. We’ll continue to advocate for freedom of speech and public morality. We love the real rainbow God made and the real promise He made with it.


Rod Taylor
Leader, CHP Canada


1 http://www.cultureguard.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Letter-to-Board-re-flags-July-8-2018-3.pdf
2 www.chp.ca/get-involved/

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