CHPBC Leadership Change

Friends and Members of CHP-BC:

For the past year and a half, we’ve been blessed to have Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson serving as the Provincial Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia. Laura-Lynn was well-known across the country—even prior to accepting this political role—as a
former TV host on the 700 Club and in her own right on Laura-Lynn Live TV. Since September 2020, when she was elected by acclamation at our AGM in Abbotsford, her reputation as a prominent and respected broadcaster and podcaster has continued to grow.

Laura-Lynn has been able to interview many knowledgeable and interesting guests of the highest calibre, and has helped all of us to better understand the political ramifications of some of the government actions regarding vaccine mandates and other issues affecting our rights and freedoms as Canadian citizens.

Her responsibilities, and the reach of her daily broadcasts, in fact, have reached a level where she finds herself with not enough time to carry out the additional duties of leading a provincial political party. Recognizing the limitations of her time and the importance of her
other work and ministry, she has notified me and the CHP-BC Board that she is stepping down from her role as Leader of CHP-BC.

Here is an excerpt of her note to us:
. . . my schedule has changed extraordinarily, as world events are shockingly leading us down a very strange path, at breakneck speed. I regard the state of Canada to be alarming.

I ask you to accept my resignation, and thank you very much for the opportunity to have worked with you. I appreciate the heart you have, to serve your communities in British Columbia.

May God bless the CHP, and give you great strategies to navigate the times and seasons.

Much love,

The Board of Directors of CHP-BC has accepted Laura-Lynn’s resignation, and we thank her for serving as our Leader during this time. We wish her every success and victory in her ongoing efforts to educate and inspire Canadians across this country to be more aware, more engaged and more dedicated to the causes we all care about: Life, Family and Freedom! You can follow her work at Live With Laura-Lynn:

In the short term, the Board has appointed me to serve as Interim Leader of CHP-BC, until we are able to elect a new Leader at a Leadership Convention. I have served before as both Deputy Leader and Interim Leader, and take up this new challenge willingly.

There has never been a more important time for Canadians, and especially Christians, to work to restore righteousness and integrity at all levels of government.

I also have limitations on my time, as I continue with my fulltime job as National Leader of CHP Canada. Having said that, I will do my best to represent CHP-BC and the political interests of British Columbians, until a new full-time Leader is chosen. Any members who
wish to put their names forward, or to suggest a name for consideration, should contact our CHP-BC President, Dan Stuart, at

Rod Taylor

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