CHP Canada Leader Strongly Condemns the PM’s Use of the Emergencies Act

CHP Canada Leader, Rod Taylor, Strongly Condemns the PM’s Use of the Emergencies Act to Silence Peaceful Protest

On National Flag Day, when all Canadians should be celebrating our flag and what it represents, Prime Minister Trudeau has instead brought shame and disgrace on the Government of Canada by imposing brutal measures to try to undermine those with whom he disagrees and to silence their message. Rod Taylor, National Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP Canada), had the following to say:

“This shameful and deceptive use of the Emergencies Act is all the more reprehensible because the PM and those whom he has entrusted with decisions regarding public health and safety, have refused to even meet with representatives of the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy. Last Friday, Mr. Trudeau’s top medical advisors and public health officers were invited to sit down with several highly-esteemed doctors and researchers representing the Freedom movement—people like Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Dr. Byram Bridle—who advocate the lifting of restrictions and especially the rescinding of all mask mandates for employment, travel and border crossings. It appears that Mr. Trudeau doesn’t want to be ‘confused with the facts’.

The threatened use of physical force and financial pain against peaceful protestors is unconscionable. This is not a display of confidence. Rather, it reveals a deep insecurity. The Prime Minister should have engaged with the flag-waving, freedom-loving patriots on Parliament Hill, instead of waging war on them, and using spurious tactics to silence their dissent.”

The Christian Heritage Party stands with the truckers and the Freedom movement they began. We call on the federal and provincial governments to drop all vaccine mandates and passports, and to restore to their former positions all employees terminated for their refusal to participate in the experimental mRNA injection program.


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