CHP-BC Sets New Records in the 2017 BC Election

FINAL COUNT: CHP-BC sets new records in the 2017 BC election.

Thank you! To all who helped us in any way during the recent BC Election. CHP-BC’s five candidates (Ron Gray, Dan Cameron, Lynn Simcox, Kevin Pielak and Rod Taylor) and our provincial board, thank you for your prayers, your financial support, your encouragement and your help! With your help, we will continue to build and grow!

On Monday, May 22, BC Elections officials conducted the ‘final count’ of ballots cast in the 2017 BC Election. These included absentee and mail-in ballots. The results are in, and some of them came as a surprise. Here are a few highlights:

  • The BC Liberals under Christy Clark lost their majority government status. Although they received a plurality of seats (43 out of 87 seats), besting the NDP (41 seats), the BC Greens took 3 seats and effectively hold the balance of power. In order for the BC Liberals to pass legislation, they will need cooperation and support from MLAs who are not part of their caucus. It remains unclear at this writing which of the two larger parties the Greens are willing to support. It shows that a small party can have a big influence.
  • The BC Greens—while winning only 3 seats—actually took 16.8% of the total vote count and had a strong showing in a number of ridings.
  • CHP-BC, running 5 candidates in its 2nd provincial election, averaged 4.2% in the ridings where we ran. This is a step forward for the provincial wing.
  • In my northern riding of Stikine, I received 9.2% of the vote in a riding where there were only 3 parties represented. This is a high-water mark for me personally and a new record for any CHP campaign since the first federal campaign in 1988. While short of winning the seat, we were pleased to see more British Columbians willing to vote for the CHP’s family- and life-friendly policies.
  • The BC Conservatives ran candidates in 10 ridings. We did not run in any of the same ridings as they did but our candidates compared competitively against theirs in terms of vote %. We averaged 4.2% and they averaged 4.5%. The highest vote % achieved by any BC Conservative candidate was 7.6% while our highest was 9.2%.
  • Some BC Liberals are now mad at the BC Conservatives for “splitting the vote”! The Liberals might have won 2 more seats and achieved a majority if the BC Conservatives had not run. While we don’t think this way, it is interesting to watch this phenomenon from a different vantage point, since we are often given this line by those who like our policies but don’t vote for us. Of course, when it comes to social values, the BC Liberals have no track record to defend. They have been weak on defending family values in the education system and have done nothing to protect the preborn. Like their NDP colleagues, they promote perversion in the schools and refuse to release statistics around abortion. As usual, “not splitting the vote” is just an excuse for compromising on important issues. And when it comes down to it, the BC Conservatives have not put pro-life and traditional marriage in their policy book, although some of their candidates are socially conservative.

Thanks again for your help!

I am acutely aware of the need for godly, committed Christians at every level of government. Let us continue to pray that God will raise up more men and women who will boldly proclaim biblical truth to our fellow-citizens at the municipal, provincial and federal level. God bless you all.

Rod Taylor

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