CHP-BC and CHP Canada Leaders Attend BC Christmas Freedom Rally

Christmas Freedom Rally - Dec 05, 2020On December 5, Rod Taylor, National Leader of CHP Canada, as well as Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Provincial Leader of CHP-BC, joined with other like-minded, freedom-loving British Columbians in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery to celebrate the freedoms we have as Canadian citizens, and to encourage one another to continue to respect and defend freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly and freedom of movement within Canada.

The rally was organized by people representing several organizations, including Tanya Gaw, founder of Action 4 Canada, and Ryan Kulbaba, who brings a lot of energy and passion to the event. It featured a number of powerful speakers, including Mark Donnelly, who led the crowd of over 1,000 enthusiastic attendees in the singing of ‘O Canada’.

Mark DonnellyMark recently lost his contract with the Vancouver Canucks, for whom he has opened hockey games with the national anthem for almost 20 years. He was dropped because he said he would be singing at the Freedom Rally, and that breached the political correctness of the owner of the Canucks.

You can learn more about Mark from the CHP TALKS interview conducted the following week.

After a series of speakers challenged the official narrative regarding COVID-19, the lockdowns, the restrictions on family gatherings and worship gatherings, the crowd marched together, in a festive mood, around several blocks and returned to the square for more speeches, more music and more fellowship. CHP-BC Leader, Laura-Lynn Thompson issued a particularly powerful call for those in attendance to stand firm and not accept the mass-media narrative and the ridiculous, unscientific restrictions being imposed on citizens.

The police presence was friendly and no attempt was made to hinder the very positive crowd. Leaders of organizations were able to communicate a lot of facts and statistics about the failure of masks and lockdowns to stop COVID, about some of the failed approaches of the healthcare system that have allowed people to die unnecessarily due to lack of proper treatments and the sinister developments in regard to the approval of untested vaccines, including talk of their mandatory use by unwilling Canadian citizens.

The focus of the gathering was the need to defend our precious freedom and not allow politicians and bureaucrats to rob us of our rights under Canada’s charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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