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Just say “No!”

It’s quite obvious that we have a real conspiracy on our hands; a conspiracy to censor the truth and to promote ideas that distract our fellow-citizens from understanding the agenda of the leftist elite. The far left, at this point, have become so twisted in thought and mind that the common people are beginning to […]

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How The Left-Wing Political Movement Is Destroying Canada As We Know It

Who would want to destroy a free country like Canada? The truth is the attacks on our western civilization are coming at us from many directions. I lay some responsibility on the UN, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF) and other socialist-leaning organizations. Why are they seeking to undermine our democratic […]

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What Have They Done?

The people of BC are probably beginning to wake up to the horror we call the last election. Through a backroom deal, a party with only three elected candidates signed an agreement with a party that the majority of voters had not elected, which allowed the said parties to gain power. Then the non-elected party […]

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