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Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Seeks Leadership of CHP-BC

Well-known advocate for common-sense social conservatism—Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson—has put her name in the ring to be elected as the next Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of BC (CHP-BC). Current interim Leader, Rod Taylor (who also heads the national party, CHP Canada), expressed his confidence that Ms. Thompson is “more than capable” of leading CHP-BC […]

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Corruption and Confusion: The COVID-19 Cover-up

The COVID-19 crisis has focused world attention like nothing in our memory. It’s been called a war, a pandemic, a plague, an economic disaster, and an excuse for power-grabs by governments around the world. There have been deaths, dislocations of economies and disruptions of political processes. Canadians have a right to know if our federal […]

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BC’s Worst-Kept Secrets

Although political debate is often in the public eye and on the public stage, the privacy of a voter’s decision—how he or she marks the ballot—has always been an important part of our democratic process. When this principle of a secret ballot is violated, it should concern us all. That’s why I was both surprised […]

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