Dan Stuart – Nechako Lakes

Dan Stuart - Nechako Lakes

Dan Stuart – Nechako Lakes

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Dan Stuart - Nechako Lakes riding map

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Dan Stuart is President of CHP-BC. His parents were loyal Tommy Douglas CCF followers, who didn’t realize there was a change, when the name changed to NDP. By the time Dan was old enough to vote, he was sold on Conservatism. It was his mother-in-law who introduced him to CHP.

Today, Dan is ready to defend pro-life, fighting for the protection of innocent human life, the restoration of traditional marriage and family, and the defence of personal freedom. He also believes Victoria legislature has too many corrupt MLA’s, so is willing to give the constituents a new breath of fresh air.

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Dan’s first wife passed in 2001 from cancer. They had two children and two grandchildren. Dan remarried, 10 years later, to Angelina. After a short stay in Clairmont Alberta, they moved to Houston, BC.

For most of his life, Dan has driven vehicles and equipment, but he also worked in sawmills, a pulp mill, and in the oil patch as a Safety Supervisor, as well as doing Hotshots. He also was First Aid and Fire Supervisor at a coal mine.

In the last Provincial election, Dan wanted to vote CHP-BC, but when he went to vote, there was no CHP-BC candidate. He found out no-one had stepped forward in the Nechako Lake riding. Rod Taylor asked Dan if he wanted to. Dan prayed about it, and felt he should.

Dan is currently running as a candidate for MLA in Nechako Lakes District, in Northwestern BC.

Dan has served as President of CHP-BC for four years, and was recently re-elected at our AGM in Abbotsford.

Dan is committed to serve the people of Nechako Lakes for CHP-BC. His focus is to see our membership expand, and to equip our members with the tools they need to win.

Dan believes the Christian Heritage Party, both federally and provincially, has a role to play in raising the standards of righteousness and morality in Canada.

Contact Info

Phone: 250-845-8006
Email: dwstuart@telus.net