Canada Day Greetings

To our friends, members of the CHP, and those who follow us, we declare to you that this Canada Day is a good time to hold our nation up in prayer. The Canada in which we grew up, the Canada we love, the Canada that was highly esteemed among the nations of the world — that Canada now exists only in our memories of the past and in our dreams for the future.

Our nation is under attack and under judgment. Our national leaders, as well as many provincial leaders, have chosen to reject God, have denied His supremacy, have mocked His statutes, have flaunted their disobedience to His laws, have derided His followers, and have chosen delusion. The sadness we feel for this wilful disobedience is deepened as we realize that the citizens of Canada have allowed this to happen by electing and then re-electing these tyrants. By doing so, we share collectively in the guilt and the consequences of these actions. As individuals, we can walk in good conscience, but as a nation, we are experiencing the pain and suffering of a nation in rebellion.

The prophet’s role is to warn the people of approaching danger, to call them to repentance and change. The prophet Jonah warned the Ninevites. They repented, and their city was spared.

Our role as Christians is both to call Canadians to repentance and to share with them the good news of the gospel of salvation. We pray for the gifts of repentance and faith to be poured out. We pray that God would give unto us, and to all our fellow Canadians, a hunger and thirst for righteousness. Our role in the Christian Heritage Party is to apply the same principles in the realm of politics. We identify the suffering, expose the cause and offer a way out of our current distress.

We owe it to our country, and to our fellow-citizens, to celebrate the Canada that once was, and to offer hope for the future: to exhort them to return to the ancient paths of righteousness, to dig again the deep wells of spiritual refreshing, to strengthen the foundations of faith, family and freedom. We will celebrate this Canada Day in remembrance of the past and in hopes for the future. On Canada Day, we will remember that His Dominion is from sea to sea. We will extoll the virtues of God, and sing His praises. And we will pray and work to see His will done on earth, as it is in Heaven.

Happy Canada Day! This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Rod Taylor,
National Leader, CHP Canada

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