Bill 36: The Devil’s in the Details

The BC legislature has just passed one of the most draconian pieces of legislation ever to be tabled in a western democratic state. Bill 36 — otherwise known as the Health Professions and Occupations Act — is designed to make every doctor, dentist, chiropractor and nurse in BC, an agent of the provincial government. If fully implemented, it will give provincial government ministers the authority to prescribe for doctors what vaccinations they must take, and to punish them if they dare to speak against government policies in medicine.

Bill 36 has no soft edges, no room for compromise, no accommodation for conscience or legitimate differences in medical opinion. While many of those who will be entrusted with implementing Bill 36 do not have medical training or experience, they will be demanding from doctors (who do have training and clinical experience) unmitigated allegiance to the dictates of provincial bureaucrats and politicians. Provincial politicians have already shown themselves to be at the beck and call of the pharmaceutical industry. Conscientious doctors, who raise concerns about any particular medical direction given by government agencies, will be subject to potential fines of $200,000 per incident, and may even be subject to six months of jail time for having the temerity to express their professional medical opinions.

It’s unbelievable that even the power brokers in the NDP inner circle in Victoria are so blind to appearances and to the inconvenient facts regarding the “safety and efficacy” of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, that they could imagine British Columbians tolerating this outrageous intrusion into the consciences and the professional conduct of highly trained doctors and other medical personnel. The arrogance of those who presume to understand the intricacies of medicine, simply because they have learned to repeat the talking points put forward by Pfizer and Moderno, by Dr. Fauci and Teresa Tam, is stunning. The very concept of forcing any human being to submit his or her reasoned decision-making to a faceless and unsympathetic
bureaucrat or politician, subject to their whims and errors, raises serious questions about the mental state of those in power.

It’s obvious that this move (Bill 36) is in response to the wave of public opinion that has been swelling—like a rising tide—and moving inexorably across the province. People do not like to be told what to do, even less so when they see that complicity will result in pain or poverty. The actions of the provincial government over the past 2 ½ years have caused both. There are currently over 1 million BC residents who do not have a primary care physician, a family doctor committed to their health and well-being. Over 2500 health care professionals have been unjustly terminated in BC for refusing to “get the jab.” Other doctors, who may still be practicing, have had their hospital privileges revoked. Bill 36 will make this much worse. Bill 36 will drive from our province some of the best doctors and medical personnel still remaining in BC.

And what doctors will want to move to British Columbia to provide quality medical care, with the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, if they should ever venture an opinion contrary to government policy? Not the brightest and the best, for sure. Only those who cannot find work in another province, where conditions are not so hostile, might consider becoming a doctor in BC, where they will only be allowed to tow the party line, dispense the party drugs and please their masters in the commissariat. Self-respecting doctors who earned their stripes in school and in the field will not tolerate the insult of being made to kowtow to a political machine, to abandon their own knowledge and experience, to diagnose and prescribe based on orders from Victoria, and to watch their patients die a painful death, as a result of bureaucratic ignorance. No, the good doctors who still value their integrity will either leave the province or stand—whatever the cost—on their solemn oath to: “First, do no harm!” If only our power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats would dedicate themselves to the same principles.


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