BC Liberal Government Adds ‘Gender Identity or Expression’ to BC Human Rights Code

by Rod Taylor, CHP-BC Leader

Rod Taylor

Rod Taylor

On July 25, 2016, Christy Clark’s BC Liberal government fast-tracked legislation specifically making “gender identity or gender expression” grounds for provincial human rights violations. Whereas the government had previously opposed such legislation, in this case, they led the charge and embraced the expanded definition by sponsoring Bill 27. A chorus of NDP supporters of the bill spoke to it as did a number of Liberal MLAs. Read the bill here.

Out of 85 members, only 70 voted and they voted UNANIMOUSLY in favour of adding this entirely unnecessary category to the human rights code. One brave Liberal, Mr. Laurie Throness (Chilliwack-Hope) made a great speech explaining why he could not support the bill. See his speech here. When the vote was taken, he abstained. Presumably, several others abstained as well. Here are the names of the MLAs who voted YES:

It is noteworthy that the bill passed through both second and third reading in a single day. That probably means that neither the Government nor the Opposition wanted to give the public any time to become aware of the bill, neither to participate in any debate nor to raise concerns. They must know that a large percentage of British Columbians are uncomfortable with creating special rights and protections for those claiming gender identities different than their biological birth gender. By limiting debate, the Government obviously hoped to benefit by aligning itself with the “fluid-gender” movement without having to endure the sincere questions from citizens who remain unconvinced that such an approach is a benefit for society as a whole.

Those of us in the family-values movement recognize that this bill is one more strategy to convince British Columbians that gender is fluid, that alternative lifestyles are more about human rights than about biological realities. Similar to the fad several years ago which repeatedly framed the promotion of gender issues in public schools as a response to “bullying”, this move is specifically designed to silence the critics of sex-focused and gender-focused curricula and programs.

British Columbians and all Canadians already have laws in place to protect them from discrimination and hatred. By creating new legislation specifically targeting alternative sexual behaviours and lifestyles, the BC Government is attempting to be seen as an advocate of human rights and compassionate towards those who have adopted a non-traditional attitude towards marriage and sex. In doing so, they have abandoned traditional marriage, natural male-female relationships and their responsibility to protect BC children from harm.

As in other parts of the country, this approach will lead to confusing protocols for public washrooms, change rooms and showers, confusion regarding personal ID documents, privacy and safety issues for women and girls and a general undermining of the natural family, the building block of a civilized society.

Please write to your MLA and express your thoughts regarding the agenda of gender confusion being promoted in Victoria. Write to MLA Laurie Throness and thank him for his willingness to defend traditional morality and family values.

Next May, British Columbians go to the polls. The Christian Heritage Party of BC is now fielding candidates who will represent traditional family values in that campaign. Help us find good, solid candidates who will uphold marriage and sexual purity. Our hearts are filled with compassion for all those who struggle with gender confusion. We believe that they and society are best served by maintaining a common-sense approach to biological realities while treating all citizens with respect and dignity. We do not improve their lot by confusing the rest of society.

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