BC Government To Close Emergency Rooms Rather than Re-Hire Doctors and Nurses Fired for Refusing the Jab

How many BC medical personnel have been terminated based on vaccination status, and to what extent are emergency room closures or other curtailments of medical services due to the loss of trained, qualified and experienced medical professionals? British Columbians deserve to know. But news reports (like this one on CBC) raise the spectre of the collapse of our public health care system without even mentioning the heavy hand of government that has reduced the ranks of skilled and caring medical personnel available for service. Meanwhile, the same government continues to pile on layers of time-consuming procedural inefficiencies that further clog the system.

In Alberta, unvaccinated medical personnel were called back to work in March. The province simply recognized that they were desperately needed. In April, New Brunswick rehired their unvaccinated medical personnel. Some provinces have and some provinces have not rehired their unjustly terminated medical personnel. Which begs the question: is the “science” different in different provinces?

But, back in BC, BC’s Public Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has given no indication that she will consider rehiring the doctors, nurses and other medical support workers who have been deprived of their careers for refusing to take the experimental mRNA injection—an injection that, according to VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), has killed tens of thousands around the world. And an injection that has proven to be entirely ineffective in preventing infection or transmission of COVID (PDF). Of course, the BC Government—the one that employs Bonnie Henry, endorses her opinions and enforces her edicts—bears ultimate responsibility for the harms resulting from those edicts and regulations. If they have been misled by Dr. Henry, (and I believe they have), Premier Horgan and Minister Dix have both the authority and the responsibility to remove her from her position and to replace her with a knowledgeable physician who has successfully treated patients for COVID and who has the moral integrity and honesty to provide a venue for other successful doctors to share their information and research for the health and safety of all British Columbians.

However, based on the consistent refusal of the BC Government (and the Federal Government) to even consider the good research done by so many doctors raising alarm bells about the vaccines, it seems they do not have the character to self-evaluate their own motives or the harmful outcomes of their decisions over the past 2 years.

How many doctors, nurses and other medical staff have been fired for refusing the jab? It’s hard to get an accurate number, but back in October, the government reported 6,000 would be terminated without pay and without access to EI. As the definition of “fully-vaccinated” continues to evolve, that number has no doubt grown. This past week, Federal Health Minister Duclos indicated that Canadians will be needing a booster every 9 months (another number pulled out of thin air) in order to be considered “fully-vaccinated.” The shortage of nurses available for shifts has fallen and this, in turn, has added to the stress levels of those nurses who are still working. Longer shifts, more patients and additional paperwork and procedures, such as the prescribed changing of gowns, gloves and masks—added to the risks and uncertainties of the job itself—have caused some fully-jabbed nurses to take sick days or early retirement. This adds to the ongoing shortage of nurses and other staff.

Over recent months, evidence has been accumulating that vaccine status has little to do with rates of infection or transmission of new strains of COVID. In some jurisdictions, the vast majority of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths are occurring among the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated. Our Prime Minister, who claims to be fully-vaxxed and boosted, has self-reported as having COVID at least twice. Where’s the evidence that the mRNA experimental injections have protected him or anyone else? There is none.

Now that some mandates have been lifted, both federally and provincially, does Bonnie Henry plan to bring back any of the highly-skilled and experienced medical professionals she was so determined to evict? Apparently not. She and BC Health Minister Adrian Dix would rather try to bring in new health workers from overseas than to simply apologize and rehire our experienced BC medical staff. They’ve even talked of letting COVID-positive (but fully vaxxed) nurses come back to work . . . but not the healthy unvaxxed.

It takes real courage and humility to admit one’s mistakes, especially when those mistakes have cost lives and livelihoods. Numerous cases are slowly working their way through the courts, but the wheels of justice turn slowly. And the medical personnel, who have had their lives disrupted because they were unwilling to risk disability or death on these experimental injections, are hurting now. Our healthcare system itself—upon which we all depend—is also hurting, and needs emergency intervention. The quickest and fastest way to restore service to BC patients would be to rehire (and compensate) the nurses, doctors and other medical staff who were unjustly terminated for refusing a medical procedure that has failed to provide the protection we were promised.

It’s time for common sense and for adjusting policies to the real science. The vaccines have failed. Natural acquired immunity is a real thing. Children are not at risk from COVID. Lockdowns and mandates have damaged our society and our economy. Early treatments work and should be made available.

The rights of Canadians have been violated to achieve some political end. One of those fundamental rights is the right to work. Stand with us to preserve our basic rights. Join CHP today.

Rod Taylor
National Leader, CHP Canada
Interim Leader, CHP-BC

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