An Open Letter To The Prime Minister

Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Ottawa, ON

Dear Prime Minister:

Recent statements by the Hon. Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Health—regarding the possible imposition of mandatory vaccinations—have heightened tensions and added to the concerns felt by many Canadians about the erosion of our rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Charter.

As national leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP Canada), I must express, in the strongest possible terms, my opposition to any mandated injection with the experimental mRNA products.

I understand that the Health Minister was proposing that the provinces institute these vaccine mandates but with the full support of the federal government. This overt pressure on the provinces to implement further unconstitutional and coercive measures is a shameful and cowardly act by your government and should be withdrawn immediately. Canadians have already endured far too much intrusion into their lives, far too much intimidation, far too much violation of their personal choices and their entitlement to medical freedom.

Our opposition to the threat of a vaccination mandate—whether provincial or federal—rests on several pillars of common sense, scientific evidence and moral justice:
• The mRNA injections neither prevent infection with nor transmission of COVID-19. The original purpose of promoting vaccination was to create immunity to this disease. They have failed to do that. In some areas, vaccinated persons are being infected in even greater numbers than the vaccine-free. This is especially true in regard to the Omicron variant.
• The vaccines are causing harm to a statistically-significant percentage of those receiving the injections. The number of vaccine-induced adverse events—including deaths—has already exceeded, in one year, the number of adverse events and deaths from ALL previous vaccines over the past 30 years.
• The injection of children—who are at virtually-zero risk of dying from COVID—with an experimental product known to cause harm to some is completely irresponsible.
• Forcing or compelling any Canadian citizen to participate in a medical experiment is unconscionable. Every Canadian must have a free choice AND must be given ALL the information—including risk factors and the fact that the mRNA vaccines do not eliminate the possibility of infection or transmission. That is the only way they can give “informed consent”.
• Since the mRNA vaccines do not provide complete immunization, and since “fully-vaccinated” individuals are equally capable of transmitting the disease to others, there is NO logical reason to segregate, separate or create unfair barriers and obstacles for the vaccine-free.
• Any coercion, mandate, threat, punishment or discrimination against a Canadian citizen based on his or her vaccine status is a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Section 1 of the Charter does not nullify our rights, particularly because the limits imposed are not “reasonable”, have not been “prescribed by law”, and the need for them has not been “demonstrably justified”.
• Neither the federal Health Minister nor any provincial health minister has done the due diligence to properly investigate alternative therapies that could alleviate or prevent severe symptoms and death. Studies from many local jurisdictions have shown that early treatment with several well-known, safe and inexpensive, repurposed drugs has reduced hospitalizations and deaths. Failure to at least properly investigate these claims may have resulted in many unnecessary deaths in 2020-2021.
• Those who have already contracted and survived COVID-19 are likely to have a much better and longer-lasting natural immunity than the temporary protection achieved by the mRNA vaccinations. To demand that COVID survivors subject themselves to dangerous experimental vaccination for little or no benefit and some possible harm does not make sense.

Every one of us mourns the death of any of our fellow-Canadians for any reason, whether due to COVID-19 or to a vaccine injury. However, the collateral damage caused by lockdowns, layoffs, bankruptcies, mortgage foreclosures, business closures, supply chain disruptions, missed education days, missed and postponed medical appointments and procedures and other unforeseen impacts far outweighs any benefit gained by brutal and unfair restrictions. In fact, when impacts on mental illness, drug abuse, suicides and the socialization of children are taken into account, it is obvious that the policies now in place have caused tremendous damage to our nation and to nations around the world.

Please reconsider your government’s approach to these issues. I would be happy to introduce you to some of the brave and brilliant doctors and scientists who could help you chart a more effective course so we can turn the corner on this pandemic. There are thousands of good men and women ready and willing to return to their jobs in healthcare, aviation and law enforcement and other critical fields. They have unjustly suffered for their convictions and should be restored to their positions as soon as possible. We need them to help us rebuild our shattered economy, our groaning healthcare systems and crumbling social institutions. Mr. Prime Minister, you have an opportunity, if you act quickly, to mitigate some of the damage caused by the ill-conceived policies of the last year and a half.

Please instruct the Health Minister to withdraw his comments regarding “mandatory vaccinations” and personally assure Canadians that your government will no longer allow the rights and freedoms protected by the Charter to be violated.

Rod Taylor
National Leader
CHP Canada


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