An Open Letter To Premier Horgan

The Honourable John Horgan, Premier of B.C.
cc. to all M.L.A.s of B.C.

Dear Premier:

As you know, Canada is at a serious crossroads in regard to our handling of a virus that has caused significant harm to our population. Many feel—as I do—that the restrictive measures taken by the federal government and our provincial and territorial governments, including British Columbia, have exacerbated the hardships and struggles for many families without a corresponding benefit or risk reduction.

I believe that your intentions and those of your Public Health officials were to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to improve health outcomes for B.C. residents. However, the measures implemented have not produced those results. In fact, quite the opposite. This is particularly true of the mass vaccination program using Pfizer’s and Moderna’s experimental mRNA injections.

When it can be demonstrated that a public policy is causing harm, failing to achieve the results promised or creating widespread collateral damage, it is only prudent to stop the program before more damage is done, and to honestly assess the risks and benefits, something that should have been done at the beginning.

When a policy not only affects the provincial budget, but may significantly injure or even kill someone, it is incumbent on government officials to examine the data—honestly and without preconceived bias. To ignore information that challenges the assumptions upon which a policy may have been based, is irresponsible. To treat the concerns of citizens, who question a policy as less-deserving of serious review, is unfair and—if their concerns are later proven to be true—the height of foolishness.

When—as is the case with these experimental injections—citizens are not only encouraged to participate but mandated and coerced to do so, the government may later be deemed to have injured or caused the deaths of its own citizens. And, without question, such a policy is depriving its citizens of their Charter rights of freedom of conscience and bodily autonomy.

Your government has based its actions on a set of assumptions that are not shared by all. The phrase, “follow the science” presumes that only Pfizer-approved scientists are worthy of attention. Many doctors, epidemiologists, pathologists, research scientists and others—including Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology—have attempted to raise the alarm, and to call for a halt to the experimental injections, particularly for children and particularly when given with no real attempt to secure “informed consent”, as required by the Nuremberg Code. Informed consent cannot be given without a frank disclosure of risks.

For the following reasons, I and many other citizens of this province, ask you to put an immediate end to the vaccine mandates. Participation in this massive experiment should never be a requirement for employment, travel or access to public facilities. Our opposition to the threat of a vaccination mandate—whether provincial or federal—rests on several pillars of common sense, scientific evidence and moral justice:

• It is now clear that the mRNA injections neither prevent infection nor transmission of COVID-19. The original purpose of promoting vaccination was to create immunity to this disease. They have failed to do that. In some areas, vaccinated persons are being infected in even greater numbers than the vaccine-free. This is especially true in regard to the Omicron variant. Since the mRNA vaccines do not provide complete immunization, and since “fully-vaccinated” individuals are equally capable of transmitting the disease to others, there is NO logical reason to segregate, separate or create unfair barriers and obstacles for the vaccine-free.
• The vaccines are causing harm to a statistically-significant percentage of those receiving the injections. The number of vaccine-induced adverse events—including deaths—has already exceeded, in one year, the number of adverse events and deaths from ALL previous vaccines over the past 30 years. On the Open VAERS website (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in the US), CDC figures identify over 23,000 deaths and over 1,000,000 vaccine-related injuries. Previous vaccines have been halted after a mere 50 deaths.
• The injection of children—who are at virtually-zero risk of dying from COVID—with an experimental product known to cause harm to some is completely irresponsible. In 2020, the first year of COVID, NOT ONE person under the age of 30 died in B.C. from COVID.
• Any coercion, mandate, threat, punishment or discrimination against a Canadian citizen based on his or her vaccine status is a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Section 1 of the Charter does not nullify citizen rights, because the limits imposed in regard to COVID are not “reasonable”, have not been “prescribed by law”, and the need for them has not been “demonstrably justified”.
• The following point may be the most damning because it indicates culpable negligence for many of the deaths attributed to COVID. Neither the federal health minister nor any provincial health minister has done the due diligence to properly investigate early-stage alternative therapies that could have alleviated or prevented severe symptoms, hospitalizations and deaths. Studies from many local jurisdictions around the world have shown that early treatment with several well-known, safe and inexpensive, repurposed drugs has reduced hospitalizations and deaths. Failure to at least properly investigate these claims may have resulted in many unnecessary deaths in 2020-2021.
• Those who have already contracted and survived COVID-19 are likely to have a much better and longer-lasting natural immunity than the temporary protection achieved by the mRNA vaccinations. At least, that’s what many doctors believe. To demand that COVID survivors subject themselves to dangerous experimental vaccination for little benefit and possible harm does not make sense. This province has not acknowledged the benefit of natural immunity in those who have survived COVID.

The collateral damage caused by lockdowns, layoffs, bankruptcies, mortgage foreclosures, business closures, supply chain disruptions, missed education days, missed and postponed medical procedures and other unforeseen impacts, far outweighs any benefit gained by illogical and ineffective restrictions. The lockdowns have had huge impacts on mental illness, drug abuse, suicides and the socialization of children.

Please reconsider your government’s approach to these issues. I would be happy to introduce you to some of the brave and brilliant doctors and scientists who could help you chart a more effective course so we can turn the corner on this pandemic. There are thousands of good men and women ready and willing to return to their jobs in healthcare, law enforcement and other critical fields. They should be restored to their positions as soon as possible. We need them to help us rebuild our shattered economy, our groaning healthcare systems and crumbling social institutions.

Please act quickly to remove every form of “mandatory (or coerced) vaccination” and assure British Columbians that your government will no longer allow our Charter rights and freedoms to be violated.

Rod Taylor
National Leader
CHP Canada

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