Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Named New CHP-BC Leader

Popular television personality, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, will lead the Christian Heritage Party of BC into the next provincial election.

The long-time host of ‘Laura-Lynn and Friends’, on national television and also on Facebook, was acclaimed unanimously at the annual general meeting of CHP-BC, held in Abbotsford, yesterday.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson has been prominent in a province-wide parental-rights movement opposing the SOGI-123 (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) program, being forced into all BC schools—including religious and private schools. The legislation validating SOGI was forced through the Legislature in 2016, in an unconventional one-day session, during the summer recess of the Leg, with all three required readings compressed into a single sitting.

The Abbotsford meeting that elected Ms. Tyler Thomson as BC Leader of CHP was chaired by Rod Taylor, National Leader of the federal CHP, who has also filled the position of interim provincial leader for several years.

Accepting the appointment, Tyler Thompson told the gathering:

“I’m going to need your help… What I see in Canada is a lack of courage. We need people with the courage to stand for what’s right. You had the courage to embrace a party that has the word ‘Christian’ in its name. Imagine what kind of courage that takes today! But, in Canada, most of us follow the love of our neighbours and peace.”

CHP National Leader, Rod Taylor, expressed his confidence in the new provincial Leader, saying, “Laura-Lynn has already paid a price for her bold convictions, and has shown her integrity in declaring the truth, even when it is rejected by hostile leftist ideologues”.

He also spoke of preparations being made by the federal party, in the event that a federal election should follow the Throne Speech on Sept. 23. He also noted that Google and YouTube have blocked political advertising during elections, and Facebook and Twitter are increasingly hostile to conservative political messages. CHP will, therefore, have to find other means of getting its message to the electorate. Unlike the bigger parties already in Parliament, the CHP does not receive taxpayers’ money.

Also speaking at the meeting was Ron Gray of Abbotsford, who was National Leader of CHP Canada, from 1995 to 2008. He told the audience that CHP is the only party in Canada that defends innocent human life from conception to natural death; that defends the natural, married, two-parent family—“statistically, the very best and safest place for children”; that has a plan for eliminating the National Debt; that proposes to eliminate the income tax and replace it with a fair tax; that has a written policy supporting Israel’s right to live behind secure and defensible borders “in the land God gave them”.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson with Rod Taylor at AGM 2020

New leader of the CHP Party of BC, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thomson, with CHP National Leader Rod Taylor, as she accepted the leadership of the Christian Heritage Party of BC, at a meeting in Abbotsford Saturday. (Ron Gray photo)


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