CHPBC Leadership Change

Friends and Members of CHP-BC: For the past year and a half, we’ve been blessed to have Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson serving as the Provincial Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia. Laura-Lynn was well-known across the country—even prior to accepting this political role—as a former TV host on the 700 Club and in […]

by | April 4, 2022

CHP Canada Leader Strongly Condemns the PM’s Use of the Emergencies Act

CHP Canada Leader, Rod Taylor, Strongly Condemns the PM’s Use of the Emergencies Act to Silence Peaceful Protest On National Flag Day, when all Canadians should be celebrating our flag and what it represents, Prime Minister Trudeau has instead brought shame and disgrace on the Government of Canada by imposing brutal measures to try to […]

by | February 15, 2022

CHP-BC Platform Presentation

This CHP-BC Platform Presentation was recorded at a public meeting in January 2017; although it was geared to the 2017 campaign our family-friendly, taxpayer-friendly, democracy-friendly and justice-friendly policies remain the same. In fact, their implementation has become even more critical. Rod Taylor, National Leader of CHP Canada and Interim Leader of CHP-BC rolled out the platform in several cities prior to the election campaign of 2017. This session was recorded in New Westminster and remains relevant today. He invites those who support the Party's pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom, and pro-fiscal sanity policies to consider joining as members, serving as candidates or campaign volunteers and helping us to build the party that can make BC great again!

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