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Our sincere thanks to all who enabled us to present biblical perspectives on political issues, to those who helped in our campaigns, and all who voted for us.

Let's keep praying for our constituencies and our province.


The CHP-BC 2017 Provincial Election Results:

Abbotsford - Mission Dan Cameron 644 2.56 %
Abbotsford South Ron Gray 942 4.23 %
Abbotsford West Lynn Simcox 942 2.45 %
Stikine Rod Taylor 834 9.15 %
Surrey - Guildford Kevin Pielak 462 2.49 %

Better Solutions for BC

Together, we will build a better future by keeping the best from our past and adding the experience of the present.
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The 2017 Election Platform Presentation

The 2017 Election Platform Presentation was recorded at a public meeting hosted by CHP-BC in New Westminster on January 2017. It contains the main planks of CHP-BC's 2017 Election Platform. Rod Taylor, National Leader of CHP Canada and Interim Leader of CHP-BC rolled out the platform in several cities, and invited those who support the Party's pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom, and pro-fiscal sanity policies to consider serving as candidates or campaign volunteers.
Those wishing to contact Rod Taylor can do so at
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The 2017 BC General Election is Now Over

These were CHP-BC's five candidates:

Dan Cameron

Dan Cameron

Abbotsford Mission


Kevin Pielak

Kevin Pielak



Lynn Simcox

Lynn Simcox

Abbotsford West


Rod Taylor

Rod Taylor



Ron Gray

Ron Gray

Abbotsford South



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AGM 2017

The Christian Heritage Party of BC
and the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (BC Council)
will be holding a joint Annual General Meeting and a Picnic,
both in Surrey, BC on Saturday, September 16th.

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